• Year of Grace Music Book
    Product code: 9780958150798

    • Composer/s: Richard Connolly & James McAuley
    • Licence: L'Sing, WOL, CCLI (lyrics & melody only)
    • Themes: Grace, Christ, Communion, Mary, Praise, Baptism, Death
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    • Description:

      This timeless collection of hymns was first published in the early sixties as 'Hymns for the Year of Grace'. It featured hymns written by composer Richard Connolly and text writer James McAuley.

      This new collection includes all the hymns from the original publication plus additional compositions by Richard Connolly. There is a total of 27 hymns in the collection.

      Keyboard and melody lines.

      Titles include:

      Come, O Jesus, Come, O Lord (Advent)
      Now Let Men and Angels Sing (Christmas; Epiphany)
      May This Lenten Discipline (Lent)
      O Jesus Crucified (Passiontide; Good Friday)
      By Your Kingly Power, O Risen Lord (Easter)
      Spirit Sent in Jesus’ Name (Pentecost; Entrance Hymn)
      By Your Priestly Power, O Risen Lord (Holy Communion; Corpus Christi)
      Jesus, in Your Heart We Find (The Sacred Heart)
      In Faith and Hope and Love
      O Holy God
      Seek, O Seek the Lord
      In Your Motherhood, O Mary (To Our Lady, Mother of the Church)
      Help of Christians, Guard This Land (To Our Lady, Help of Christians)
      Lady Whose Grace It Was (To Our Lady)
      Sing a New Song (Cosmic Praise)
      Father, We Praise You
      Holy Father, God of Might
      The Law of Christ (Love is the Fulfilling of the Law)
      Come, Lord Jesus
      A Song of the Lord’s Coming (Rev. 22 17)
      Light of our Darkness (A Hymn to the Word)
      From Many Grapes and Grains of Wheat (Offertory)
      Our Lives, O God, and All That We Own We Give (Offertory)
      Where There is Charity and Love (Communion; Holy Thursday)
      There’s No Going Back Again (Retreats; Lent)
      Baptismal Song
      First Communion Hymn
      Requiem Hymn