Copyright Information for As One Voice

All music contained within the As One Voice collections and music published by Willow Publishing, GIA Publications, Wild Goose Publications and self published music (printed music scores, lyrics, recorded music and digital files) is subject to copyright. Unauthorised reproduction of any of these formats, by any means (electronic, mechanical, micro copying, photocopying, digital reproduction, recording or otherwise) is a violation of copyright law.

What is Copyright?

The purpose of the copyright law is to promote the use of copyrights and to protect the rights of the copyright owner. A copyright is an exclusive right given to an author of an original created work. It is property, an asset, a legal interest, protected by law. Included in the exclusive rights given to the copyright owner is the right to copy the work into any form such as in print or as a sound recording.

'Can I reproduce music from 'as one voice' under my church copyright licence?

The majority of the songs and hymns in the As One Voice collections are covered under ONE LICENSE. It is essential that you check that the title you wish to reproduce is covered under your licence. If the work is not covered under your licence, the work may not be reproduced without prior written consent from the copyright owner.

Please note, no reproductions of full music scores or choral arrangements published by Willow Publishing are permitted under the ONE LICENSE program. 

Music published or administered by Willow Publishing is also covered under CCLI. Please check with CCLI  for specific licences that cover music editions published by Willow Publishing.

Further information on copyright is available on this website in the Online Shop under the top tab 'Copyright'.

how can i obtain more information?

For further information about church music licence programmes contact:

Email: [email protected]

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) 
Free Call: 1800 635 474 

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) – New Zealand 
Phone: +64 800 373 773