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If you would like to learn more about the services available or book an event in your church, school or organisation please contact us at on 02 99493957 or via email at [email protected]

 parish & school workshops 

Composers and presenters associated with As One Voice and Willow Publishing are regularly involved in events for churches, schools and organisations facilitating and performing at conferences, workshops, seminars, retreats, concerts and special music, liturgy and educational happenings throughout Australia. 

Our team of professional facilitators have developed strategies and repertoire to aid in the creation of a culture of singing in school communities. We provide a practical guide to encouraging young people to sing and teach new songs that are suitable for use in liturgy and other catechetical contexts. We also work with school bands, musicians, choirs and soloists to bring out the best in them when leading the school community in song. Using entertaining and insightful ways, our team is able to engage the whole school community in the art of singing together as one.

Do you want a new School Song/College Anthem or song for your Special Feast Day, Event or Graduation?

Top composers Amanda McKenna and Gina Ogilvie from the As One Voice team can work together with students, staff, parents and friends, to compose a song for your special occasion. This faith building exercise can unify the whole school community in a way that brings into focus the school's unique mission and spirituality.

Do you know what songs can be used in liturgy?

Many people are confused about the function of music in the liturgy and the rules governing what can and can't be used. Our team provides formation on the use of music in liturgy as well as a large repertoire of approved songs and Mass parts that can be used in school liturgies.

Do you understand Copyright?

For many, the issues surrounding copyright are a conundrum. Our team can provide you with up-to-date and easy to understand information on how copyright works and what you need to do to ensure that you abide by Australian law.

Retreats and Staff Development Days

The As One Voice team tailors each retreat or staff development day presentation to the specific needs of your community. Using a variety of tools to explore the theme of your retreat or SDD, sessions are designed to ensure that each participant has a faith-filled, rewarding and memorable experience.

Other Services

Whether you are needing a Director of Music for your special occasion or diocesan event, seeking professional composers to work with your senior HSC students on songwriting, or would like to book a showcase or concert, the As One Voice team are available to help.

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