The Psalms are the songs of the Church and the Responsorial Psalm is a song in response to the reading just proclaimed. The psalm should be sung at each Sunday Mass, but for a variety of reasons many communities don't sing them. In order to fill that great need in parishes and communities around the country, Amanda McKenna is offering a series of Psalm Refrains to go with each of the Sunday readings. Each refrain uses the exact wording from the Lectionary with singable melodies and simple accompaniments; the verses may be read while quiet background music (utilising the refrain music or similar) may be played gently, swelling back to each sung refrain. With this resource, these easily downloadable psalm refrains will provide musicians with easy-to-play, contemporary pieces that will seamlessly fit into the Sunday liturgy. When you purchase the psalm for the day you will receive the piano accompaniment and a sound byte to assist with learning the melody.